FAQ's For Travellers/Travel


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1. What time can I check in?

Check-in time varies from hotel to hotel and region to region. Most of the international hotels have a standard check in time at14:00 or 15:00.

2. Can I request an early check-in?

Early check in is not guaranteed by Guesto or Hotel, but our Operations team can assist in booking you a night of pre accommodation at the same hotel.
If you don't wish to pay for the extra night, you can try your luck locally (they may let you in early if the room is vacant) or you can store your luggage at their lobby without any cost.

3. Are airport transfers included in the trip price? If not, how much will a taxi cost from the airport? If not, how do I get to and from airports?

Airport transfers are not usually included in the trip price. It is an extra cost. Only some hotels provide complimentary airport shuttle or airport transfers. Here, we often indicate the price you can expect to pay for a taxi from the airport to the hotel. The cost of the transfer will comparatively be more expensive than a taxi, but it is important to remember that you are paying for a private service and a trusted driver who will offer the security travellers often desire when they arrive into a foreign country.

4.What is the best way to carry money?

We recommend having access to money from a variety of sources cash, cards and travel money cards are all commonly used.

5.How Do I Pay for Services?

Most of Guesto clients transact with us in a prepayment module, where client/guest shall not pay anything in advance but will get their bookings confirmed before they travel upon an approval email from Client. Guesto prepays on behalf of its clients and the same shall be billed to the company once in 15, 21 or 30 days as described in the contract/agreement signed with Guesto. Pay at hotel by guest is also supported by Guesto upon clients request, but the rates will be slightly higher than the prepaid rates.

6.Is My Personal Information Safe?

Guesto ensures your credit card information is transmitted over secure lines and is not stored by Guesto. Guesto uses a mechanism widely used by the e-commerce communities to transfer sensitive data over the Internet called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). SSL is a protocol that provides communications privacy, authentication and message integrity and prevents eavesdropping, tampering or message forgery by encrypting data.

7.How Do I Contact Guesto?

Guesto works 24X7. You can always call the Operations team's contact info provided on the hotel confirmation voucher issued by Guesto.

8.How Do I Change or Cancel A Booking?

To change or cancel a booking you can either email us at [email protected] or even send an email to the operations team who had issued the hotel confirmation voucher at the time of booking. All modifications/cancellations are subject to the Cancellation policy in the quotation.

9.What is your credit policy?

Credit policy is well described in the contract signed with Guesto.

10.Do I have to pay for incidental deposit?

In our confirmation voucher we recommend that you carry a credit card to be authorized for incidentals. Most places just take the credit card information but it is not charged. Debit card/forex cards are also accepted by most places. But these cards are debited on the spot and it takes some time for the deposit to be remitted back.

11.When is the pre-authorization on my card released?

It takes approximately 15 business days for the pre-authorization to be released.

General FAQ's

How can friends and family contact you?

If family and friends are unable to contact you in an emergency through email or phone, they can contact Guesto Operations Team. Emergency contact details (for your destination) are mentioned in the Guesto hotel confirmation voucher. We will try to track/contact the concerned.

I am concerned about the political stability of the country through which my trip will travel.

The safety of our guests is a major priority for Guesto. With this in mind, we monitor world events very closely and Guesto makes operational decisions based on informed advice from a number of sources.
If this advisory is at Level 4 'Do Not Travel' then Guesto will either cancel the Business trip or advice the client to avoid the areas concerned.

What essential documents do I need to take?

It's important that you always travel with your current passport, visas, travel insurance.

How Private Is My Information?

Our Privacy Policy ensures your right to privacy. Your confidential information will only be used for purposes of booking finalization with our travel partners.

When Will I Receive My Travel Documents?

Guesto releases the hotel confirmation voucher there and then once the hotel is booked upon client's approval on email.

What is your value addition for corporate and do we get any discounts over working with Guesto?

Reduced fare hike because of slower turnaround time between employee-admin-travel partners
No hidden charges levied on any transaction with us.
Can be customized as per your company travel policy
Guesto not only caters accommodation services but even provides solutions for the same.

Do you provide any kind of Forex facility from Guesto?

Yes, Guesto does offer the Forex facility to its clients.

What about TDS deduction and its certificate?

We do not charge any TDS from our corporate partner and absorb the cost for our corporate partners